The next chapter

The next chapter

There is about half of a week left for seniors to enjoy their last year of high school. This is a very bittersweet time for these seniors.

Briegan Pierce and McKenna Shock are both seniors at Defiance High School. They are both ready for the next chapter of their lives. Both seniors are really excited, but also nervous and sad.

Pierce said, “I am really excited and proud to be so close to graduating.” Pierce said she already had her graduation party and it was really fun and exciting. She explained that seeing all of her memories at her graduation party made her a little sad for growing up so fast.

Shock said, “I am excited to see what my future holds and for new beginnings.” She explained that she is ready and nervous for her future and being an official adult.

Pierce and Shock have a plan for the next chapter of their lives. They both have very good goals and are already planning the next part of their lives.

Pierce said, “I plan to get a full time job right when school is over, so I can start saving money for my future.” She hopes that she can save money to travel, and to be prepared for her future. She wants to be able to work a job that she loves while also making good money.

She wants to save to be able to buy her first house, and save a good chunk of money for her future kids.

Shock said, “I am going to continue working and saving my money, and I am going to go to college for two years.” She explained that she wants to be able to buy her own house after college and be successful in her career.

Both girls gave the same advice to the class of 2024 seniors. They said, “Enjoy your senior year because it will fly fast.” They also both added to not procrastinate on things you need to get done to graduate, and to try and come to school as much as you can.