Seniors final full week

Seniors final full week

This week is the seniors’ final full week of school for their school careers and seniors are starting to get excited about it. May 24th is the last day for seniors and that day will be full of events for the seniors. On the 24th, seniors are doing their awards ceremony in the HS gym. 

The seniors have until Friday to keep their grades at 90% or more. If they do this, seniors will be able to have an exemption on their exams which is starting next Monday and continue into Tuesday. Wednesday seniors are having their second annual goodbye with a walkthrough through the Defiance Middle School and Defiance High School, after they walk through here, there will be a police escort waiting for seniors to escort them in a parade to the elementary school for a walkthrough as a “Final goodbye”. 

Parents and anybody at the ceremony are allowed to line up along the road leading to the elementary school for the parade. 

Defiance High School senior, Maxwell Schmunk says, “This year went by pretty fast, and it’s crazy to think that it’s our final year here. I’m very excited for school to end.” 

Another Defiance High School senior, Evan Steece says, “My last week of school has been alright, slightly uneventful in some classes but I won’t complain about it. Senioritis is making it hard to even wake up on time for school now.” 

In conclusion, the class of 2023 is ready to graduate and they are ready to receive their diplomas. Wednesday, May 17th will be one week until the seniors have their last day. Seniors are starting to get excited about the date and many are ready to leave high school.