Procrastination vs. pre-crastination

Procrastination vs. pre-crastination

So many students and even adults procrastinate on a daily basis. Some work better under pressure, while others have no motivation to get started on their task. Procrastination is the action of postponing or delaying something.

On the other hand, some students and adults have the motivation and ambition to get things done right away. This is called pre-crastination. They like to plan a schedule out and follow that schedule.

It keeps them on task if they are super busy, or they just would rather have their tasks done in advance.

Defiance High School senior, McKenna Shock, defines herself as a pre-crastinator. She said, “I like to plan everything and get it done right away, because it makes me feel accomplished.” She feels that her work is done better when she has time to think, get up, take breaks, etc. 

Shock explained, “It stresses me out to wait until the last minute to do a task.” She explained that she feels if she waited until the last minute, she would forget to do the task or it would not be as good as it could be.

Defiance High School student, Lilly Epple, defines herself as a procrastinator. She said she waits last minute to do her tasks.

Epple said, “I get things done when I have the most motivation to get started.” She explained that if she does not have motivation, she can not focus enough to get it done. She also explained that most motivation comes to her when she knows she has to get it done.

She explained, “I work better when I know something needs to be done.” She continued to say that she works better and faster with less time to accomplish her tasks.