Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s teacher appreciation week, some students are taking time out of their day to thank teachers who have had a positive impact on them. It’s nice to see teachers being appreciated for the work they do. Some teachers go out of their way to make sure students are happy and encouraged to do their work, these teachers truly do make school fun.

Santiago Valdez, a senior at Defiance High school says, “I have a couple of teachers I would call my favorite but there is one I like the most and that is Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Davis has always been there for me when I need help. She will go out of her way to help me.” Valdez was also asked if he had anything to say to Mrs. Davis. Valdez responded, “I’d say, Thanks Mrs. Davis for helping me through my high school career, even during quarantine when we had to go online, you were there for me.”

Valdez isn’t the only student who wanted to say something special about their teachers. Another Defiance High school senior, Lydia Fernandez states, ” I absolutely have favorite teachers! They’re Mrs. Haviland, Mr. Coressel, Ms. Unverferth, and Mrs. Lamb! They’re each very different in teaching style and personality, but they listen to me and have been very kind to me. Those teachers have helped me reach my senior year goals.” Fernandez also wished to say some words to these teachers, “To Mrs. Haviland, I’d say ‘Thanks for all those wholesome chats we’ve had. They stuck with me, and I’m glad you got to be, not only my English teacher, but also my driving instructor. I hope you enjoy spending time with your grandkids after you retire.’ ” ¬†Fernandez also replied, “To Mr. Coressel, I’d say, ‘For the past three years, being part of the esports team has been a blast and an honor. Being one of your students has been the same. We don’t agree on many things, but I don’t care. Thanks for listening to me and thanks for gaming with me.’ ”

To Ms. Unverferth, Fernandez explained, “I’d say, ‘Girl, slay. You don’t express yourself much, but I think you should because you’re wise and funny. A lot of people don’t understand this, but I can tell you really truly care for your students. You made learning easy, and I LOVE science. It took a while for me to figure it out, but I’m going to be a high school science teacher one day, too. I hope I can be as good as you. Thanks for instilling discipline within your class and the way you teach. Even a stern woman such as yourself took time to listen to my silly rants and conversate with me.’ ”

Fernandez also explains, “To Mrs. Lamb, I owe a big thanks, so I’d say ‘It’s been three years of your classes; honors biology and anatomy I and II. Those years mean a lot to me and you mean a lot to me. I’m not close with my outside family, only my immediate family. I love my immediate family a lot, but I never really had a grandmotherly figure in my life. I didn’t think I needed one. You fit the role, though. Your sweet personality and patience always made me feel okay again. I’m very grateful to have had you as one of my teachers. When I fainted on that hospital tour, I was so scared (also I was in pain, haha). When I gained my senses back, I heard and saw you. I was crying because I was embarrassed and my head and abdomen hurt so bad, but I was also crying because I was grateful I had an angel like you to help me. I wasn’t scared anymore. Thank you, Mrs. Shannon Lamb, thank you!’ ”

Teachers have the ability to inspire their students and make school a better environment for them, teachers who go out of their way to help their class truly do deserve appreciation.