Star Wars Week: What are you doing for it?

Star Wars Week is upon us and we are asking the students of DHS what they are doing for it


(Star Wars)

This week is the biggest week of the year for a fan of Star Wars. This week contains May the Fourth be with you, as well as, the interchangeable Revenge of the Fifth (or Sixth). Disney themselves are releasing two new shows on their platform Disney+, Young Jedi Adventures and the second volume of the anime-inspired Star Wars: Visions. While, the offerings from Disney may be a bit weak this year, people are still finding other ways to celebrate this week.

Whether it’s binge-watching all the Star Wars movies, playing Star Wars games (I observed the week by playing Star Wars: Republic Commando up until it crashed on me after I got downed, I then played Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Martyr) or getting together with other fans and celebrating it together. Let’s see how the students of Defiance High School are celebrating Star Wars week.

A local movie theater employee, senior Cayden Zachrich said, “I binge-watched all of season 3 of The Mandalorian.”

Junior Luke Walz, who had a Han Solo shirt on, said “Star Wars. I might watch a Star Wars movie, potentially don some Star Wars attire. I may consider cosplaying for Def-Com 8.”

Lit senior Karson Hoffman (Daddy K Huff-Man) said, “For one I’ve been wearing Star Wars shirts all this week. I also have a lightsaber in my backpack. I’m going to Def-Com 8 as Indiana Jones.”

May the Fourth be with you!