Prom prep

Kylee Snyder

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May 19, 2023
Prom prep

Defiance High School is hosting their annual prom May 6, 2023. The theme for this prom is “When In Rome”. Juniors and seniors at Defiance High School are getting excited and planning for their dance that is coming up. Prom is an exciting time for upperclassmen, but can also be stressful.

Briegan Pierce and Alexis Martinez are both attending the dance this Saturday. Both students have similar ideas about their prom day and the days and weeks leading up to the dance. 

The biggest task that Pierce still has to do before the dance is figuring out what she wants to do with her nails, hair, and the plans for before and after prom. Pierce said, “I have no idea what I want to do with my hair and nails yet.” Martinez has a task of planning when and where they are taking pictures, and what she is doing with her makeup and hair.

Martinez said, “I mostly know what I want and need to do I just do not have it finalized yet.”

Pierce and Martinez are both super excited about getting ready for the dance and the actual dance itself. They are excited to get ready to go with their friends and family. They are also both excited to go dance with their friends at the dance and attend after prom.

Pierce said, “I am really excited about after prom because it was a lot of fun last year. I like to win prizes and they have really good food there.”

Both Pierce and Martinez have similar schedules for prom day. They both said they are waking up somewhat early and going to get their makeup and hair done right away. Next, they are going to meet up with their friends and their group to get their pictures done.

They will then go get something to eat and make their way to the dance. After the dance, they both said they are attending after prom.

Both students can agree on what stresses them out the most about prom day. Being on time for pictures and having everyone there on time at the same place is what stresses them out. Getting everyone’s schedules to match up for the night is very difficult to do.

Pierce said she waits last minute to do everything for her dances. She said she ends up getting everything done but she waits last minute to figure out her hair and makeup and the plans. Martinez said she waits last minute for some things and then other things she plans ahead.

Martinez said, “I wait last minute to make my own plans, but I plan ahead for the plans for the group.” She said it is easier to change her own plans last second, but changing the whole groups plans is not ideal. 

Both students are very excited about going to the dance. They both have their days planned and are looking forward to dancing their night away.