Here, on the Myah and Mya Mockery, you get weekly stories from Authors Myah Bloomfield and Mya Homier. Bloomfield and Homier write sarcastic and satirical articles about things happening in and around school, relevant and nonrelevant. 

How often have you been walking through the hallways, minding your own precious business when out of nowhere… 

YOUR EYES are permanently contaminated with the image…

All you can do is remember the time before you saw that and wish you didn’t have to witness it. 

The time of innocence before. The pure joy you had before is all destroyed…. Gone forever, and you’ll never get that back. 

At Defiance Senior High School, PDA seems to be quite an issue. Students are “kissing and hugging and all that jazz” (sophomore, Samantha Hohenberger).

Many students think that the PDA shown by Defiance couples is “uncomfortable” (junior, Nathan Herod) and “disgusting” (senior, Ella Rhody). 

Rhody also thinks that some slight public displays of affection are okay, but when it comes to age, Rhody’s motto is “If your grades don’t touch neither should you.”

Couples have been spotted showing affection quite often in the halls of our high school. Hohenberger usually sees this “Every morning when I walk past, I go to Yeazel, and they’re right there.” Sophomore, Kendall Nolan spies these folks “In the hallways and after class, especially in the mornings before school.”

Everyone is aware of where most of these people meet and try to avoid it. 

Teachers have also brought attention to it to the principals about students smooching under the stairs, but getting scolded doesn’t stop these lovebirds. 

Most sessions are to be found right before going up the main stairway, right in front of the door to the learning stairs. Some students try to commit PDA in private, but the most private they can get is going in corners… or hey! Don’t do it at all! 

Saving displays of affection for home in turn saves everyone else a cringe or nauseous feeling.

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