The NBA Playoffs


The NBA Playoffs started on April 11th with the play-in tournament. This was to see which four teams made the last four seeds of the tournament. The Hawks played the Heat, the Lakers played the Timberwolves, the Bulls played the Raptors, and the Pelicans played the Thunder. 

The first round of the playoffs started Saturday, April, 15th. In the East, the Nets (6) series was against the Sixers (3). The Hawks (7) series was against the Celtics (2). The Knicks (5) played the Cavs (4) and the Heat (8) played the Bucks (1).

In the West, there were also four matchups. The Warriors (6) are playing against the Kings (3). The Lakers (7) are matched up against the Grizzlies (2). The Suns (4)  took on the Clippers (5) and the Timberwolves (8)  played the Nuggets (1). 

Each series is the best of seven games. The first round has not entirely ended but a few of the series are done. The Sixers swept the Nets in the first four games of their series, now moving on to the second round. 

Six of the eight matchups have already been completed. In the West, the Nuggets beat the Timberwolves and the Suns beat the Clippers, both four games to one and moved on to the second round. 

In the East, the Sixers swept the Nets beating them in their first four games. The 8-seed Miami Heat beat the 1-seed Milwaukee Bucks four games to one. 

Star player Giannis Antetokounmpo injured his back in the first game of the series, giving the Heat the upper hand. Antetokounmpo sat out the second game, then finished out the last three games. Jimmy Butler of the Heat averaged 37.6 points throughout the series to lead his team to victory. 

Also in the East, the 5-seed Knicks beat the 4-seed Cavs four games to one. The Celtics were finally able to close out the Hawks as well, beating them four games to two games. 

The Warriors are currently ahead of the Kings in their series. The Kings took the first two games, then the Warriors game with vengeance to take the next three.

The Lakers are also currently winning their series three games to two games. Both the Warriors and the Lakers are looking to close out their series tonight, April 28th. 

The second round of the playoffs will start Saturday, April 29, 2023. Each team is trying to find their path to The Finals.