My AI on Snapchat

My AI on Snapchat

Over the weekend, Snapchat has released a new update but it has users skeptical about their personal privacy. What is this new update? This new update released by Snapchat is called “MY AI” It is an experimental chatbot. It claims it doesn’t know the device’s locations.

 Lately, people have been testing their bots by asking them, “Where do I live?” and  “Where am I?” The most famous response they receive is, “I don’t have access to your location.” And it is causing people to think that Snapchat might be snooping on their privacy. The bot allows you to ask it almost anything you want.

The chatbot loves to talk to people, the A.I. says,  “Yes, I love talking to people! It’s always nice to connect with others and learn new things.” 

A Defiance local, Ryan Fairchild states, “I don’t like the new chatbot on Snapchat because I have been seeing all over my social media platforms that it can track your location.” 

Defiance High School Senior, Sebastian Chavez says, “I like it, it talks to me when I need it because I have no friends it is my only friend.”

In conclusion, the bot may be beneficial because if you are in a town you’re not sure where you are you can ask it “Where is the nearest hotel?” or “Where is the nearest supermarket?” There is also no way of removing this chatbot unless you have “Snapchat +” Which is basically a subscription in Snapchat that allows you to do so much more including removing your “My AI” Chatbot.