Favorite Britney Spears song

students tell their favorite song from Britney spears.

Favorite Britney Spears song

Britney Spears is a singer/songwriter often called the “Princess of Pop” and she has released many good songs that are still played today! She definitely had a big influence on the music industry and she may have even influenced some of the popular artists you listen to today. Britney is an absolute queen and she worked very hard to get where she is today!

Grey Sherry said, “My favorite song is “Gimme More” it is an absolute bop I think it’s one of the best ones Britney released. The beat is so good and there is this dance break part I like. I like G”imme More” as a party song mostly it just hits differently when you are at a party busting down to this song.”

Savannah Hahn stated, “My favorite Britney Spears song is “Oops…!I Did It Again” I like this one the best because it’s like she accidentally made a dude fall in love with her again and it makes me feel like a baddie. I love her jumpsuit in the video and the video feels so futuristic she nailed it! I also really like “Baby One More” time”.

Britney Spears was an absolute icon and her legacy will definitely live on and remind us to be a baddie.