State testing

Thanks to the wonderful Department of Education in Ohio, students are given a choice to take state tests this April.

Students love coming to school early in the morning to sit in the same seat and take a two-hour test. 

A few of Defiance’s finest students were interviewed on their favorite part about state testing, and how they felt about them as a whole. 

Everybody loves the opportunity to take their state tests and is disappointed they only come once a year. 

The state tests are one of the most sought-after things of the year. 

For sophomore, Eliza Ramirez, “My opinion of state tests is that they are the best thing ever. I just think they should always happen and we should take them year-round.”

Occasionally some don’t like it and the Mockery can’t find out why anyone wouldn’t love them. 

Senior Lindsay Roth, for some reason, says the test made her, “Burnt. Out.” 

As much as the Mockery loves the test we also very much love the time after and the sleep. Freshman, Anjelica Ceballos also enjoys, “The sleep after.”

Personally, the Mockery, along with others, would love to take them over our normal schedules of classes we have. The Mockery would prefer to have them rather than my normal classes. 

Sophomore, Caroline McDonald, “I really love them and I wish we would take them all the time.” 

The Mockery loves our humble state of Ohio and the Department of Education for giving us the opportunity to take such great tests. 

There are people upset and angry that they are coming to an end. Which the Mockery would proudly agree with. 

Abram Tracy, senior “Upset and angry.” 

Some oddballs, like freshman Ceballos, think State Tests are “Unnecessary and boring.”

The Mockery loves the struggles we endure through the test. 

Ramirez, “My favorite part about State Testing is definitely the test. The test is always just great, the questions are always just super hard, and they’re always just super hard. It’s awesome.” 

Like freshman, Cenncere Smith, the Mockery loves learning something new every day. As the saying goes, every day is a chance to learn something new. 

Cenncere and the Mockery love the chance to learn, her input on it is that  “you learn something new.”

Some view the test as a way of life like freshman Paulina George, “I definitely think we need to do it more often because it’s just, it’s just a beautiful way of life, and it’s just something we need to take one step farther.” 

Some don’t enjoy the test while others enjoy the little things in life which, happen to be supplied by the teachers, our wonderful state, and mother nature. 

Freshman, Isabella Rowlison, “Definitely getting the scrap paper.”

While Rowlison enjoys the scrap paper George enjoys the silence that comes with the test. 

George, “The food.” “My favorite part is when it gets really quiet and you can hear everyone’s stomach growl.” 

It’s all about the small things in life. 

Rowlison also believes that the State Tests are “really good for us, and they prepare us for a lot of things. So, I’m really glad for them.” 

The tests prepare us for our future, the “dumb and annoying” (Senior, Abram Tracy) parts of life. 

Freshman, Gisella Barajas, agrees with Rowlison, saying, “I think that they are beneficial to our economy.” 

Coming to the conclusion of the article we will see you on the flip side (aka next article). Don’t forget state tests are the best. 

See you guys next time on the Mockery with Myah and Mya.