Students opinion of Beyonce’s Dubai performance

What students thought of the performance in Dubai.

Beyonce did a private performance in Dubai recently to mark the opening of a luxurious hotel called “Atlantis The Royal”. The hotel and resort is inspired by the city from mythology, the lost city of Atlantis, Beyonce’s performance was private but they could record the end. What you see in the video is Beyonce performing “Drunk in Love” but she goes into a crazy riff and starts rising and water starts shooting everywhere it was insane! here is some students’ opinion on the snippet we saw of the performance.

Grey Sherry states, “I thought that it was absolutely insane Beyonce sounded like a siren call! I was in awe when I heard her hit that riff, also the fact she started rising just added to the effect. Beyonce has performed many of times but from the snippet, we saw this had to be one of her best ones yet.”

Hattie Arnett said, “I love Beyonce so when I saw this clip I was mesmerized, I thought it was really cool that as she sang and rose water started shooting everywhere. and the riff lasted so long like she is literally a goddess I don’t even know how someone can hold that much air to hold a note that long! I bet that all the people in Dubai enjoyed the whole performance if this little snippet has the world going insane.”

Beyonce did really well from what we saw hopefully she can perform this again so we can see the full performance!