DNN episode 313 preview

After another successful upload, the DNN crew is preparing for their 313th episode, this upcoming episode will include new features of trust fall, real wheels, new projects for the DNN showcase, and the return of senior news anchor, Ethan Ingle.

Ingle was off-screen for a while, although he was still able to assist other crew members. An excited Ingle stated, “I’m happy to finally be back on the desk, the last episodes were pretty rough but I think the one coming out next Friday will be a fantastic episode and will be enjoyable. I’m looking forward to reading the teleprompter to all our DNN viewers, I can’t wait to hog the camera.” While reading a teleprompter may sound easy, it can actually be quite challenging. This doesn’t stop the news anchors though, even if it requires a few takes, it’s all ok. After all, practice does make perfect.

Another senior DNN member, Peyton Coressel, also provided his thoughts on episode 313. Coressel said, “I feel excited about the upcoming episode. We have had a rough time figuring out our rhythm in the newsroom, but I feel that we are starting to work better as a team and get things accomplished. Things I am looking forward to in this episode are the showcase projects, what they are doing for sports this time, and how the first episode of Peyton In The Wilderness turns out.”

Stay tuned for Coressel’s new segment in episode 313