More Money to Ukraine Good or Bad?


With last month’s appearance of Ukrainian president Volodymyrr Zelenkskyy in front of America’s congress a renewed debate not only amongst politicians but the common American as America sends more and more funds to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war. Many people fear this gesture of good will though may ramp up American involvement in the near future into all out war.

Ukrainian Recovery Funding Must Be Tied to Anti-Corruption – Alliance For Securing Democracy 

So far the United States has committed 18.2 billion dollars to support Ukraine in its hour of need amidst the continuous onslaught of Russian troops. 


Now with this 18.2 billion and Zelenskyy asking for even more funds claiming “This money is an investment towards freedom.” Many Americans are beginning to wonder if it’s really any of our business at the end of the day. Instead of this some hope the “big-wigs” in Washington will focus more on the many pressing issues domestically instead of worrying about the problems of a country half a world away.


Max Keck-Priest a sophomore at Defiance High School commented “While I do understand the struggle of the people over in Ukraine at the same time I’m not sure if it is such a good investment for us.”


Another Sophomore here at Defiance High school, Henry Hoffman felt the same way saying “While I of course am against the Russians forever and always I don’t understand why all of this money is necessary.”


These shared opinions have not in fact been uncommon with many Americans feeling very similarly. As the war has dragged on and not much things have changed Americans public support for funds to Ukraine has dropped off in the past few months. With this slight decrease in public support for money being sent to Ukraine we will now have to once again wait and see for what the government deems the “right” course of action.